Voice Control – Need an assistant?

If the pundits are to believed, the age of the smartphones and apps is coming to an end. Apparently as soon as 2020 they will no longer be the preferred means of the general Public obtaining information. What will?

Brighten up your Life

Home Automation has been around in various guises for some time, from the clicker that opened garage doors to the clock controlled thermostat on your heating. The twist that turns these into the Internet of Things is exactly that, connection and control via the internet which opens a vast range of possibilities.

Switch on to Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Launched on 3rd March is the latest console from the company which is considered by some to be the creator of home computer gaming.

Raspberry Pi Zero Badge

I am a bit of a gadget man and I recently I saw a project to create a name badge on Instructables based on a Raspberry Pi Zero and I could not resist.

Passwords again!

I wrote a blog post just before Christmas about different options for having a better password.

Case Study: Bedford Chronicles GO

The application was developed over a short period – 6 weeks from initial conversation to having applications ready for Launch on both the Apple and Android Stores.