Best Specialist Mobile App Company

Award certificate - Best Specialist Mobile App Company

I’m proud to announce that we have been awarded “Best Specialist Mobile App Company – Bedfordshire” in the SME News – Southern Enterprise Awards 2020.   We have been a finalist a couple of times for Best Mobile App awards in previous years, but this one is in recognition of the work that the company […]

Cranfield StartUp Fair

In March I spent a couple of days mentoring potential entrepreneurs at Cranfield Startup Fair.

Biz Tech Awards 2019

I am please to say that I have been shortlisted as a finalist in this years BrightSparc Awards in the Green Tech Award category.

State of Mobile Report – 2019

App Annie have recently published their new report, “The State of Mobile – 2019” and as always it is packed with useful stats about the Mobile Apps.

Do we glorify innovation?

As you would expect, I am a believer in innovation and how it can help businesses both big and small to grow. I read lots of articles describing what innovation is, how to innovate, how to apply innovation within your business.

Digital Transformation for SMEs – Inertia or Innovation

VISA issued a report recently called “Digital Transformation of SMB’s – The Future of Commerce” . It’s 53 pages, and it contains some quite interesting findings for anyone who is interested in supporting Small Businesses in their Digital Journey. Whilst the report is US focussed, the core findings hold up in the UK as well.

Voice Control – Need an assistant?

If the pundits are to believed, the age of the smartphones and apps is coming to an end. Apparently as soon as 2020 they will no longer be the preferred means of the general Public obtaining information. What will?