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NoCode@Digitwell provides practical help, support  & guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to develop their own app through the use of NoCode / LowCode platforms.

Whether you are an entrepreneur creating your new business, or an established enterprise, we can help.

What is NoCode?

NoCode is a simpler form of development. Instead of using a computer language such as Python or Java to write a list of instructions, you build the app by selecting from a range of components and linking them together, usually using a graphical tool of some sort. All of the complexity is hidden; issues around storage, scalability, security is handled in the background. Changes to the UI, the look and feel, can be made to personalise the finished product but only in the ways proscribed by the service and the components.

NoCode solutions are very varied, WordPress, which this website has been developed in, is considered to be a NoCode solution – you can build quite complicated websites by just adding and configuring various plugins.

LowCode as its name suggests does not remove the need for writing computer code, but it is much reduced. They usually provide a graphical tool which operates in the same way as a NoCode environment., but they then provide you with the ability to add/modify behaviour through additional scripts. Some even allow you to develop new components to add functionality which is not available out of the box.

How we can help


A programme of webinars which will guide you through every stage of the app creation process.

1-1 Coaching and Support

A package of coaching and Support tailored to your needs.


Carefully selected and curated resources for you to use to boost your productivity

What our clients say

We had a rough idea for an App that we wished to explore and Andrew proved to be the perfect partner to assist with that task. Not only can Digitwell Solutions provide expertise in the technical side of App development, they offer so much more in addition. Andrew has been inspirational, broadening our horizons in terms of reach and capacity and offering inciteful and valuable business possibilities. He listens carefully to client requirements, finding solid solutions to match those, but then, brings fresh ideas during the construction and implementation stage. Frankly, it has been a joy to welcome Digitwell Solutions as a valued contributor to the team we are building.
Steve Clarke
Director, Silver Screen Services