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Andrew Marshall

Do it Yourself? – No Code Revolution

What is no code? How can it help you develop your app idea

Every Business needs an app

Not a very surprising statement from an app development company, but the evidence from the market place shows that this is true. This article in Entrepreneur from 2018 puts it much better than I can. Does your business need a mobile app?

If you’re a small-business owner ..., it may well be time to build a dedicated mobile app for your business. But simply building an app is not enough. Focus on delivering tangible benefits to your customers, and the hard work you put into building your app will pay off, time and time again.

But I'm not a Tech Geek

Developing a high quality native app for both Android and iOS used to require a professional coder (or team).

Over the past few years a new set of tools have appeared which will allow the novice to produce high quality apps that serve real business purposes or will allow you to get your entrepreneurial concept off the ground without a full blown technical team.

What is No Code?

No Code is aimed at Citizen Developers. Instead of using a language such as Python or Java to write a list of instructions, you build the app by selecting from a range of components and linking them together, usually using a graphical tool of some sort. All of the complexity is hidden; issues around storage, scalability, security is handled in the background. Changes to the UI, the look and feel, can be made to personalise the finished product but only in the ways proscribed by the service and the components.

No-Code solutions are very varied, WordPress, which this website has been developed in, is considered to be a No-code solution – you can build quite complicated websites by just adding and configuring various plugins.

Low Code as its name suggests does not remove the need for writing computer code, but it is much reduced. They usually provide a graphical tool which operates in the same way as a no-code environment., but they then provide you with the ability to add/modify behaviour through additional scripts. Some even allow you to develop new components to add functionality which is not available out of the box.

Gartner defines a  citizen developer as:
“a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT. In the past, end-user application development has typically been limited to single-user or workgroup solutions built with tools like Microsoft Excel and Access. However, today, end users can build departmental, enterprise and even public applications using shared services, fourth-generation language (4GL)-style development platforms and cloud computing services.”

How do I get started?

There are over 200 tools different tools to choose from. Each of which has its own advantages and capabilities. The best choice depends on the type of app you want to develop.

I’ve put together a series of webinars that will take you through the process from laying out your idea toyour own app in the store.

I look forward to seeing you.

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