The Client

Ecolibrium is a charitable organisation which works with everyone in the live events industry to respond to the climate crisis. They are a rapidly growing community of events, festivals, suppliers, artists and music companies taking action to reduce the environmental impacts of travel, the largest source of emissions from live events.

They provide resources, tools, advice and inspiration to reduce travel emissions. They invest in climate solutions through their Trees+ and Energy Revolution Programmesbalance unavoidable emissions, with renewable energy and ecosystem protection and regeneration.

Our Involvement

Ecolibrium provided a spreadsheet to their members to log their travel. This information was then used to calculate the amount of emissions to offset and the contribution, the member should make. This approach whilst generally effective had some issues with the data capture and timely delivery of the information to ecolibrium.

We developed an accessible and convenient app which allows members to record their travel details for submission to ecolibrium as well as providing them with information to help reduce their travel emissions.

The next version will allow members to make their offsetting payments directly through the app.

What the client said

"We've wanted to develop more user-friendly, accessible and digital tools and resources for our members for a number of years and Digitwell came along at exactly the right time to help us do this. Andrew at Digitwell designed an app for our members that exceeded my expectations of what I thought was possible for us as a charity to develop and offer. We worked closely together to produce our Travel Carbon Calculator App that is simple and easy to use and looks sleek and professional. He interpreted our new branding well, and took the time to work through all the detailed requests we had. We're really proud of the app that's been launched and we're looking forward to working with Andrew/Digitwell on the second version - getting the first version done has inspired us to go even further with the resources and tools that are possible for us to provide to our members. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew to others - I found him, patient, responsive and efficient to work with. We can't thank Digitwell enough for the work they did with us.(Abi Moores, Project Manager, ecolibrium)"

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