The Concept

CluedUpp Games is an independent games studio specialising in large-scale, outdoor gaming experiences.
Formed in December 2016, there have almost half-a-million players participating in our city-wide events, with games happening in more than 38 countries worldwide.

Our Involvement

The initial version of the game ran on a single smart phone on the Android platform alone. This was developed offshore. Cluedupp was running into problems with:
a) getting changes made in a timely manner
b) controlling the development of the iOS version from another offshore company

Digitwell was initially brought in to audit the technical environment. We then started to develop a brand new version of the app for both platform.
This new version contained significant, such as the ability to work across multiple phones in a team, which enhanced the gameplay considerably.

Whist using this new app, the event expanded from 1-2 cities a weekend in the UK to more than 20 cities a weekend across 38 countries.

From March 2020, the development has transitioned to a larger internal development team with Digitwell still being involved in the Administration systems.

a) getting changes made in a timely fashion
b) having a