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The Greener Alternative

Looking to reduce your waste?

Map your event provides your festival or event with a greener way to give information to your attendees. No more paper guides and flyers! After all, electrons are infinitely recyclable.

Always available and accessible

Need to make last minute changes to you running order?

Map, guides and listings, in fact a can be updated at any time and your attendees will be kept informed.

New sponsorship opportunities

Giving your sponsors more value

Providing ads in a mobile app is more valuable to your sponsors than the same ad on paper as the user has the option of clicking on it to get more information or request a contact.

Attendee analytics

Fact based decision making

With the users permission, the app can collect a variety of usage and location information. This will allow you to make better informed decisions on what is an isn't working with your festival.

Main Features


Mapping   Guides   Event listings   Sponsorship




Interactive site map

  Interactive map of the festival site.

Attendees can click on any map element to find additional information. They can use the "Find my Friend" feature, powered by What3Words to share their location or find their friends within the festival site.








  Listing of all activities and events

A comprehensive list of all the events for your festival on every stage and in every tent. Last minute changes are automatically reflected.

Users can create their own personal schedule. Reminders can be set so that you won't miss a thing







Live Guides


Deliver festival guides which you can update in real-time to ensure that your audience is always informed.







Sponsor Benefits


Attendees can share their unique experiences from your festival with their family and friends via social media platforms to extend the conversation