Do you need a Mobile App or is your Website enough?

More and more people are using smartphones and tablets as their main means of access to the Internet.  Whilst you can make you site Mobile friendly, having a native mobile application allows you to interact with your user in a number of different ways you cannot with a website.

For example, It is easy to link to the users calendar, share contacts etc.




A recent survey by Deloitte survey found that:

Smartphones are becoming integral to our retail experiences – 13% of UK adults have now made a mobile payment in-store, 40% have made a mobile-commerce purchase with their phone and 59% have used their smartphone to browse retailers’ sites.


While the trends are all upward, currently just 1% are using their phones to make payments on a regular basis (see Figure 1). We expect that in a year’s time the proportion of phone owners who pay using by their phone in-store will increase further, and the proportion of those who do so regularly will rise sharply






With the increase in Smartphone usage as the access mechanism to the internet,