Case Study: Bedford Chronicles GO

Bedford Chronicles Are GO

An App for all the family to enjoy.

Beda has lost his gold coins around Bedford. Can you help him find them. Beda is the main character in The Bedford Chronicles a book written by authors Karen Fryc and Alasdair Bright.

You need to work out the locations, using the hints provided and scan the QR codes to collect the virtual coins.
With each coin found, you will discover some fun fact about the location or perhaps listen as a statue comes to life

There could be real treasure to collect for those who find all the gold coins. Visit the Bedford Chronicles Facebook page or Http:// for more details.

The application was developed over a short period - 6 weeks from initial conversation to having applications ready for Launch on both the Apple and Android Stores.

The idea was to develop something simple, for children to use, but engaging, which extended the The Bedford Chronicles concept in a new direction.

Initial ideas were discussed and a prototype application was developed which allowed the customer to see how the application could work on an actual phone, which is always better than having images on paper or on the screen.

Final elements of the applications were agreed along with items suchs as font and colour scheme.

A Beta version was produced which and tested, which ensured that the app would work on a range of devices.
This is another important step, especially for Android applications as there is quite a range of phones that it can be installed on.

The app was then Launched on both sites along with a media campaign on and offline.

Given the nature of this application,only basic analytic information was captured. But normally, this would be a feature of the post-implementation service.